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Welcome to Management Development Institute

MDI is committed to offer training and consultancy services in line with our firm objectives. The expertise of MDI is available to local and international organisations wishing to improve management performance.

The services can be used to design and improve management procedures within an organization, prepare and deliver customer tailored training to an organisation's managers and staff, conduct feasibility studies, conduct marketing research and provide general advice and guidance at all levels of the organizational structure.

Management Development Institute has conducted consultancies in the BLS countries but, in recent years, these services have been used throughout the SADC region. The expertise available from the Institute's faculty is extensive, covering a broad range of subject areas. Our consultants, however, maintain a high level of contact with international specialists to ensure that our services remain at the cutting edge of internationally benchmarked services. Our major benchmark of success is our work in more than 50 Southern African organisations.

MDI House, Imphisi Street, Extension 6, Plot Number 590, Manzini, Swaziland

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